Jamaat activist killed in clash: Photo, video of Jubo League leader opening fire in Chakaria go viral Jamaat activist killed in clash

Chakaria ward-7 Jubo League president Belal Uddin Ahmed opening fire during the clash in Chakaria

A photo and video of a Jubo League leader carrying arms during the clash in Cox’s Bazar’s Chakaria over the namaz-e-janaza of Jamaat-e-Islami nayeb-e-amir Delwar Hossain Sayedee, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in a case of crimes against humanity, has gone viral on social media Facebook.

The photo and video of that Jubo League leader has been circulating on Facebook since Wednesday morning.

Earlier, a Jamaat activist named Forkanur Rahman, 50, was killed in the clash in Chakaria on Tuesday afternoon. Although the Jamaat leaders alleged that he was shot dead, officer-in-charge (OC) of Chakaria police station Jabed Mahmud claimed to the newspersons that they didn’t fire any shot during the clash.

After such a statement from the OC, the question arose as to who shot Fokanur Rahman.

The picture and a 36-second video of the clash on Tuesday shows that a procession led by Chakaria poura (municipal) Awami League general secretary Mohammad Alamgir was heading towards the Baitus Sharaf road from the old Bus Stand area. Chakaria ward-7 Jubo League president Belal Uddin Ahmed was seen firing shots wearing a helmet that time. There were about 60 to 70 people in the procession.

Analysing the images, the Awami League and Jubo League leaders and activists were seen running with arms and local weapons. Belal Uddin and his expatriate brother Miraj Uddin were in the first row of the procession. They were followed by 10-12 others. Chakaria poura Awami League general secretary Mohammad Alamgir and personal assistant of the local MP Amin Chowdhury were also seen among them.

Prothom Alo tried to contact Jubo League leader Belal Uddin and Awami League leader Mohammad Alamgir over the phone. However, their phones were switched off.

Speaking to Prothom Alo, general secretary of Jubo League’s Chakaria unit Azizul Islam said, ‘A photo of ward-7 Jubo League president Belal Uddin went viral on social media on Wednesday morning. The man holding arms in the video looks similar to Belal. I am undergoing treatment in Chattogram. So I don’t know the details of the incident right now. However, the Jubo League doesn’t condone weapons. Organisational action will be taken if the allegations are proven.”

Cox’s Bazar city Jamaat-e-Islami amir Abdullah Al Faruque said, “We finished the gayebana janaza peacefully in Chakaria. However, the police and Awami League activists opened fire at us at the of the Baitus Sharaf road while we were on our way home from the janaza.”

“Jamaat activist Forkan was killed in the clash and several others sustained injuries. Many were arrested as well. The man who opened fire has been identified,” he added.

OC Jabed Mahmud was contacted over the phone. However, he denied commenting in this regard.

According to locals, the upazila administration didn’t give permission to hold the gayebana janaza of Delwar Hossain Sayedee. After that, the venue of the janaza was changed thrice. In the end, they decided to hold the janaza in a place adjacent to Mama-Bhaginar Mazar. People were heading towards the Mama-Bhaginar Mazar through the Baitus Sharaf road at around 4:00 pm. Many were returning from there too. At that time, Chakaria police station OC Jabed Mahmud and upazila health officer Shobhan Dutt reached there in a car. Seeing them, the people attending the janaza got agitated. They started chanting slogans and at one point attacked the car.

Later, some 20-30 people wearing helmets and masks reached the spot. As a result, a three-sided clash broke out there among the police, people wearing masks and Jamaat leaders and activists. Jamaat activist Forkanur was killed in the clash.

The police recovered the body and took it to Cox’s Bazar Sadar Hospital for autopsy. Later, his body was handed over to the family at around 11:00 am Wednesday. Forkanur was buried after a janaza at the Abdul Bari Para area in Chakaria pourashava (municipality).

Speaking to Prothom Alo, Forkanur’s nephew Sahabuddin said, “Forkanur’s family hasn’t filed any case yet. However, the police have taken the signature of his wife Nuruchchhafa several times at the hospital and the police station last night.”

Prothom Alo called OC Jabed Mahmud to inquire about taking signatures from Forkanur’s wife. However, he refused to speak regarding this.

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